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Programs for repatriated Greeks.
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The smooth rehabilitation of repatriated in the greek society constitutes today one of the most important issues of governmental policy for the emigrant hellenism, and consequently of the General Secretariat for greeks abroad, because the repatriation as an offered solution constitutes a process equally painful with that of emigration, with multiple problems for the emigrants themselves but also for the countries of origin in the present conditions.

The repatriated constitute one of the teams that undergo multiple types of exclusion. The factors that are related with the insufficient knowledge of the greek language (mainly for our fellow countrymen from the former Soviet Union), the unemployment, the insufficient existing of an institutional frame, the social prejudices, the marginalisation by the wider social ensemble, act suspensively in their smooth incorporation in the greek society.

The General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad plans and materialises actions that aim in abrogating all those factors that act prohibitorily in the smooth incorporation of the repatriated, so much in the job market as in the wider social ensemble.

The energies are addressed so much in himself the resettler what in the wider social total, the perceptions of which are most times decisive for the smooth social and economic integration of resettler.

In the first Community Frame of Support (CFS), the linguistic and professional training programs, that the GSGA materialised in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Adults Education and the mass institutions of repatriation, were followed by more than 8.000 repatriated and more than 4 billion drachmas were spent.

In the second Community Frame of Support (CFS), the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad offered the national financing for the development of completed programs for the repatriated in more than 50 carriers, while it materialises itsself as a carrier of accompanying supporting actions , a range of interventions.

45 of these programs that the GSGA co-finances are in the operational program for the fight against the exclusion from the job market, 7 of them in the Communal initiative for the employment and growth of human potential -- HORIZON axis, and the rest 2 programs in the YOUTH FOR EUROPE.In the programs take part 950 individuals.

At the same time, The General Secretariat For Greeks Abroad as a carrier of accompanying supporting actions materialises a range of interventions, that aim in the social support and information of the repatriated and in the sensitization and briefing of the greek society on the problems that they encounter.

In the frame of these interventions the GSGA advanced in:

a) the publication of a booklet for the sensitization of the greek society for the Hellenism from the former Soviet Union.

b) the publication of a form with the programs that co-finances the European Union and concern the repatriated.

c) ) the organisation of a meeting in December ' 96 on the subject "Social Exclusion and Repatriation".

In the GSGA functions the department of support for the Emigrants and Repatriated which:

  • provides information tio the repatrited for all the issues that concern them (retirement, insurance, work, legislation, taxation etc).
  • publish informative booklets on this subjects.
  • participates in committees and collaborates with other ministries for the promotion of special measures and favourable regulations that concern the repatriated.
  • subsidises associations of repatriated for the strengthening of the activities they develop aiming at the assistance of their incorporation in the greek society.
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