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Educational Seminars For Diaspora's Journalists.
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Since 1994, the General Secretariat For Greeks Abroad organises in regular intervals, seminars for the diaspora journalists in Greece.

Aim of seminars is the more complete briefing of the onn journalistic subjects and issues that concern Greece. It is aimed also the improvement of the communication channel between the community and Greece and homogeny mass media between them.

Right of attendance in the seminars have all greek origin journalists, residing permanently abroad, that are occupied systematically in the mass media. A very important condition of attendance is the very good knowledge of the greek language.

The content of the seminars include journalistic interest issues (journalistic speech, journalistic deontology and technique,greek mass media, technology and mass media, morals and style of journalism, etc) national, economically, social, educational, cultural and emigration subjects.

There are also included meetings , informative visits in publishing units and in radio and television stations.

Up to today they have been taken place:

The 1st seminar of Diaspora Journalists (27/11 - 14/12/1994) in Athens and Thessalonica with 40 attendances from: England, Egypt, Albania, Argentina, Australia, France, Germany, Georgia, U.S.A, Canada, Cyprus, N.Zealand, Holland, Ukraine, Sweden and Chile.

The 2nd seminar of Diaspora Journalists (19/6-30/6/1996) in Athens and Samothrace, in collaboration with the local Administration of Evros, in the frame of the 5th Hellenic Journalistic Congress in Samothrace, with 26 attendances from: England, Australia, Germany, Georgia, U.S.A, Canada, Cyprus, S. Africa, N.Zealand, Hungary and Russia.

In 1997 is planned the conduct of 3rd seminar.

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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Terens Quick participating in Greece-Cyprus-Egypt Trilateral Meeting on diaspora issues (Nicosia, 19 December 2017).
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