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Greek Diaspora and the General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad.

• The General Secretariat for Greeks Abroad (hereafter G.S.G.A.) is the government’s coordinating body for the implementation of state policy with respect to Diaspora Hellenism.

• The Greek Diaspora, settled in all five continents, is the result of historical developments, mainly triggered by the fall of Constantinople, continued with the conquest of Cyprus and Crete (16th and 17th century respectively) to finally reach the end of the 19th century and the dawn of the 20th. Furthermore, it is the result of employment search driven migration that took place, largely in two phases, from the late 19th century through the early 70s (1890-1920 and 1950-1974).

• Hellenism abroad is a valuable national asset. Greek Diaspora represents a substantial part of the political, economic, business, cultural and scientific potential of the nation and it is considered to hold a key role, particularly in today’s trying economic conjuncture our country is faced with.

• Nowadays there are more than 5.000.000 people of Greek descent living outside Greece, scattered across 140 countries.

• The highest concentration of Greek descent population is observed in the U.S. (approx. 3.000.000), followed by Europe (1.000.000) - countries of the former Soviet Union included -, Australia (650.000 – 700.000), Canada (approx. 350.000), Asia – Africa (some 100.000) and Central and South America (approx. 60.000). Click here to see how the population of the Greek Diaspora is distributed.

• Greece maintains close relations with many countries where Greek Diaspora has a strong presence, based on common values and history, as well as on common ties with Greek communities there.

• The Greek State by the G.S.G.A. looks to put in place an integrated policy with regard to the Diaspora, aiming to support the interests and the expectations of the Greeks abroad.

• G.S.G.A.’s priority is to tighten the ties of the Hellenic Diaspora to Fatherland and to one another.

• Within the context of this policy the primary objectives are:

• The preservation of their national and cultural identity in conjunction with the fostering of the Greek language, history and culture.

• The support of initiatives in the field of education (Departments of Greek Studies, Greek Schools, international philoxenia programs for youths of Greek descent, use of new technologies, support of Greek Libraries by providing educational material such as books, etc.)

• The promotion of Greek culture through time.

• The support of national interests by way of strengthening the networks of Greeks abroad which act as bridges of friendship and cooperation between Greece and the countries of residence.

• The active participation of all Greek Foundations and Institutions and especially that of the Greek Parliament, the Universities, the Academic community, the local government, in formulating a policy with regard to the Diaspora.

• The support of the operation of the Greek communities, organizations, national-local associations and clergy-laity assemblies and the encouragement of any relevant initiative on their part.

• The G.S.G.A. has registered approximately 3.000 communities, organizations and national-local associations, of the first stage, of the second stage (Federations of communities and organizations that operate at state or national level of a country) and of the third stage (Confederations that operate internationally).

• The Council of Hellenes Abroad (Σ.Α.Ε.) is the institutional umbrella of all the aforementioned organizations. It is an advisory body to the Greek State and in accordance with Greece’s constitution its principal role is to express all the forces of Hellenism everywhere. It is divided into seven regions (Canada, USA, Central and South America, Europe, former U.S.S.R., Oceania - Far East and Africa - Near/Middle East ).

• The constructive co-operation of everyone concerned for strengthening even further the mutual respect and trust between the metropolitan center and Hellenism abroad, is significant through time and conduces to the stable support of Greek strategic national interests.


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